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Liquids HCA Tool Help

Liquids HCA Tool help overview

In this section you will find essential help topics relating to the operation and use of the Liquids HCA Tool. These critical topics are particularly useful to new users of the Liquids HCA Tool. The following topics are covered in the Help section:

Process Flow Diagrams

The Liquids HCA Tool analysis workflow is an Esri geoprocessing workflow. The Process Flow Diagrams help topic provides a detailed, illustrated explanation of the Liquids HCA Tool analysis workflow. Each step in the liquids HCA analysis workflow is described, and the subject process flow diagrams include hyperlinks to the tool help references for each tool in the workflow. If you are new to the Liquids HCA Tool, you should consider this help topic to be mandatory reading.

Liquids HCA Tool Add-In

Most of the functionality in the Liquids HCA Tool is exposed as Esri geoprocessing tools. However, the Liquids HCA Tool Add-In provides a variety of interactive tools for exploring release plume simulations and editing hydrography data. The Liquids HCA Tool Add-In also provides utility tools for installing, updating, and uninstalling the Liquids HCA Tool Python conda package. Liquids HCA Tool Add-In help topic documents the use of these tools.

Data Dictionary

The Data Dictionary help topic provides documentation for the Liquids HCA Tool project geodatabase schema.

NHD Features Classification

The USGS NHDPlus High Resolution (HR) dataset is the source of the hydrography data used by the Liquids HCA Tool to support downstream transport analysis for release plumes. The NHDPlus HR dataset is complex; the NHD Features Classification help topic provides documentation on the elements of the NHDPlus HR dataset that crucial to the Liquids HCA Tool.

White Papers

This help topics provides access to white paper documents pertaining to the algorithms and analysis methods employed by the Liquids HCA Tool.