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Gas HCA Tool introduction

The Gas HCA Tool is a part of G2-IS’ comprehensive pipeline integrity management software suite that helps operators manage risk, ensure compliance, and optimize performance. The Gas HCA Tool supports critical natural gas pipeline regulatory analyses, including Class Location as defined in 49 CFR §192.5, High Consequence Area (HCA) determination as defined in 49 CFR §192.903, and Moderate Consequence Area (MCA) determination as defined in 84 FR 52180 (Docket No. PHMSA-2011-0023; Amdt. Nos. 191-26; 192-125). The Gas HCA Tool is implemented on the world‑leading Esri Geographic Information System (GIS) platform and is fully compatible with the latest version of Esri’s flagship GIS desktop application, ArcGIS Pro. The Gas HCA Tool includes support for Esri’s legacy desktop GIS software, ArcGIS Desktop. The Gas HCA Tool is designed for use with the latest versions of the widely popular Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) and Esri Utility and Pipeline Data Model (UPDM) data storage models.

The Gas HCA Tool is implemented in the Esri ArcGIS Geoprocessing framework as a Python module, together with an accompanying collection of Python toolbox and ModelBuilder model tools. This allows you to use the Gas HCA Tool on the desktop and/or expose Gas HCA Tool geoprocessing services in ArcGIS Enterprise or in web apps.

By design, the analytical workflows of the Gas HCA Tool are highly configurable. The Gas HCA Tool provides you with a suite of high-level analytical workflows that can be used as-is, or as a base for customization. The high-level workflows of the Gas HCA Master Tools are implemented as ModelBuilder model tools; each of which, in turn, is composed of multiple Gas HCA Tool Python toolbox tools called in sequence to effect the workflow. Each tool has its own set of parameters for configuration. You are free to make copies of the Gas HCA Master Tools ModelBuilder model tools and modify them as you wish to best suit your own needs.

Licensing for the Gas HCA Tool is flexible and provides you with several licensing options, including traditional perpetual licenses, as well as software subscriptions. The Gas HCA Tool License toolset provides licensing utility tools that allow you to request and register a license for the software.

For more information about the Gas HCA Tool, please visit the Gas HCA Tool Reference Overview Sections page.