Gas HCA Tool is installed using your Windows Installer from a Windows Installer package (.msi) file; installation of Gas HCA Tool is straightforward if you have previously installed software applications on your Windows machine. Gas HCA Tool installation writes files to various Windows system directories, including:

  • Program Files
  • Python directory for ArcGIS Desktop
  • Python directory for ArcGIS Pro

Gas HCA installer requires you to have read and write access to these directories at runtime.




Instructions for installing Gas HCA Tool are provided using Windows 10 Pro.

  1. To begin downloading the Gas HCA Tool installation process, double-click on the Gas HCA setup program (GasHCA_1.x._Setup.msi) to open the Gas HCA Setup Wizard. Press ‘Next’ to continue with installation.
  2. You must review the license agreement and click the ‘I agree’ radio button. Then, select the ‘Next’ button to continue with the installation. Otherwise, select the ‘Cancel’ button to end the installation.


  1. Next, select your desired installation directory by clicking on the ‘Browse’ button and navigating to the destination path. If no selection is made, the tool will install in the Windows Program Files directory; C:\Program Files\G2-IS\Gas HCA. Click on the ‘Next’ button to continue the installation.
  2. The ‘Confirm Installation’ window appears, and you must select ‘Next’ to continue the installation; otherwise, select ‘Cancel’ to exit the installation and ‘back’ to view the previous screen.



  1. In a typical Widows setting download environment procedure, the system will prompt you with a message indicating changes and, therefore, giving access to the downloader to access system files. You must grant access for the installer to continue the install. After doing so, the installer will show a progress bar for your installation. At any time during this process, you can select the ‘Cancel’ button to end and exit out of the installation.
  2. The command prompt window installs your dependent python packages for Gas HCA Tool. If this window does not exit prior to seeing the ‘Installation Complete’ window in step seven, do not exit this window. The command prompt will run its cycle and close the window when all packages have been successfully installed.



  1. Lastly, the installer will display a ‘Installation Complete’ window. This window confirms the successful installation of Gas HCA Tool. Select the ‘Close’ button to exit out of the installer window alone. If step six command prompt window is still running, do not exit out of this window. Simply let it runs its installation. The window will exit after successful completion of installation.