Register License

After you receive your license code, you must register the software using the Register License tool. The software will be available for your use after you register it using your license token.

The Register License tool registers your software license with G2-IS using the license token emailed to you by the G2-IS license administrator.

To learn more about the Register License tool please visit the G2-IS Knowledge Center, specifically the Register License tool.

1. Open ArcGIS Pro and navigate to the Geoprocessing/Toolboxes. Here you will see two toolboxes for the Gas HCA Tool. Gas HCA Tool and Gas HCA Master Tools.

Select the Gas HCA Tools toolbox. Then, select the License tool. Finally, navigate to and select the Register License tool.

2. Double‑click on the Register License tool to open the tool and view its input parameter fields. Fill out the information requested by the tool and select ‘Run’ to register your tool.

3. Once you have successfully registered your Gas HCA Tool, the rest of the tools will now be visible. If you are still having issues seeing your Gas HCA Tool toolset, try restarting Pro.

If further assistance is needed visit G2-IS support.