Software Services

Gathering, managing and analyzing large amounts of operational, process and external data is no longer a luxury for pipeline operators as the industry continues to focus on data-driven insights for better decision making. 

G2 Integrated Solutions helps operators address challenges with their data management, software and technology platform and specific support applications: 


  • Ensuring data is traceable, verifiable and complete  
  • Enabling state-of-the-art data management and seamless integration with business processes, industry standards and regulatory requirements 
  • Providing dedicated usecase configurations to unlock the value of existing platforms for safety, asset integrity and compliance  
  • Collaborative advisory from multiple disciplines prior and post GIS activities 


G2-IS is a Gold business partner of Esri®, the world’s largest provider of geographic information systems. G2-IS is also a certified ArcGIS specialty partner and has extensive experience implementing ArcGIS online and hosted ArcGIS online solutions with a full-service team that is: 

  • Knowledgeable and skilled in liquid and gas pipelines and facilities 
  • Experienced in all pipeline industry data models and related regulatory requirements 
  • Strongly integrated with all G2-IS disciplines ensuring a comprehensive approach to all GIS projects, enabling value to GIS managers and all their internal/external stakeholders 

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